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See New Skincare began as a subscription service that introduced consumers to holistic and clean skincare products every month. This case study explores how See New transformed its brand identity to enhance customer engagement and retention, ultimately becoming a leader in the beauty subscription box market.

Before and after rebranding for See New Skincare.

Initially, See New lacked a defined brand identity. Each month, the aesthetic of See New would shift to reflect the featured collaboration, leading to an inconsistent brand voice and visual identity. 

This inconsistency resulted in low customer retention and engagement, as customers were coming because of collaborations and not because of the brand itself.

Our analysis revealed a significant trend: beauty & wellness category companies with weak branding often failed, whereas brands with strong, cohesive brand identities not only survived but thrived. This pattern underscored the crucial role of branding in building customer loyalty and business sustainability.

To revitalize the brand, See New underwent a comprehensive rebranding strategy. We focused on creating a clean, consistent aesthetic that would resonate across all platforms—product curation, collaborations, brand voice on the web, email campaigns, and social media. The new branding strategy was designed to position See New as a leader in elevated aesthetics and holistic organic living.

The rebranding had a profound impact on the business:

  • Customer Engagement: There was a significant increase in customer engagement and repurchase rates. Subscription duration increased 65% and subscription churn decreased 30%.
  • Market Recognition: See New was propelled to the top ranks of beauty category subscription services in the U.S., winning accolades such as the "Best Skincare Subscription Box" for three consecutive years and being voted top ten in the beauty category by an audience of 1.6 million.

The transformation of See New Skincare illustrates the transformative power of effective branding. By establishing a cohesive and resonant brand identity, See New not only improved its market position but also created a sustainable business model that resonated deeply with its target audience.

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