Off the Tree Snacks

Brand Rich transformed Off the Tree Snacks’ digital presence, crafting a unique brand identity and a dynamic website tailored to outpace competitors. Our strategic design focused on generating leads and provided Off the Tree with a distinct competitive advantage, positioning them as a leader in the agricultural and manufacturing industry.

Photo of blueberries shot for Off the Tree Snacks website content.
Visual work for Off The Tree Snacks showing a bowl of organic dried mangoes.

Brand Rich was tasked with defining Off the Tree’s online persona. We began with a meticulous industry analysis aimed at identifying untapped branding opportunities. This foundation allowed us to develop a cohesive brand code that resonated within the market's white space. We added interactive elements, enhancing user engagement and ensuring visits converted interest into actionable leads.

Our Approach:

  • Brand Identity: Developed a unique and cohesive brand identity that stands out in the agricultural and manufacturing industry.
  • Website Design: Created a dynamic website with interactive elements to enhance user engagement and ensure visits converted interest into actionable leads.

Since launching, the website has significantly boosted lead generation, contributing to Off the Tree's rapid market expansion and its role as a key supplier to retail giants like Costco and Trader Joe's. The success story of Off the Tree Snacks underscores the power of targeted digital innovation to capture and convert consumer interest into business growth.

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Photo shoot for Off the Tree Snacks showing dried mango cheeks next to ripe mango.

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