Mesa Mezcal

Brand Rich crafted a distinct brand identity for Mesa Mezcal, an artisan mezcal maker with deep traditional roots in Mexico. Our comprehensive branding strategy effectively positioned Mesa Mezcal for a successful market launch, equipping them with a voice and personality that captures the essence of their heritage and appeals to their target audience.

Sneak peak at branding guidelines created for Mesa Mezcal.

Mesa Mezcal approached Brand Rich with the vision of introducing their elevated mezcal to a broader audience while staying true to their artisanal roots. Recognizing the need for a cohesive brand identity, our team developed a full suite of branding guidelines that reflect the warmth and authenticity of their product.

Our Approach:

  • Core Values: Our strategy centered around Mesa Mezcal’s core values, aiming to create a brand persona that is both inviting and educational.
  • Heritage Emphasis: We tailored our approach to emphasize the unique aspects of their heritage, making it accessible and engaging.

The result was a well-defined and actionable brand strategy to launch Mesa Mezcal into the market with clarity and confidence.

Mesa Mezcal’s new brand identity, crafted by Brand Rich Studio, effectively captures the essence of their traditional roots while appealing to a modern audience. Our comprehensive branding strategy has set them up for a successful market launch, emphasizing authenticity and engagement.

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Agave graphic created for Mesa Mezcal branding.

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