Las Almas Rotas

Brand Rich partnered with the iconic Dallas mezcaleria, Las Almas Rotas, for our beta program aimed at independent restaurants. Our goal was to create a highly aesthetic and engaging social media presence to boost engagement, awareness, and brand recognition. We hypothesized that these improvements would translate into increased in-person visits.

Over the course of the 30 day Beta trial, our targeted content strategy drove remarkable engagement and growth for the brand.

Social Media content for Las Almas Rotas showing extensive Mezcal library.

There were some challenges we knew going into this with Las Almas Rotas:

  1. Low Engagement - For the size of account, Las Almas’ engagement and reach were low. Additionally, users weren’t taking noticeable steps from Instagram. 
  2. Lack of social identity - The brand struggled with cohesion on IG and was struggling with content relevance to the brand. 

Knowing this, we began by creating social media guidelines that outlined who the brand is and how it communicates to its followers. This broke down both visual and vocal guidelines to create a page that both resonated and could be remembered by followers. 

Once this aligned with the brand, we set up 2 content shoots focused on highlighting traditional favorites, new arrivals, the environment, and events.

The 30-day goal would be to warm up the account to get it into a state of growth. That could be accelerated over the next 90 days. 

We outlined a 1-Month schedule that would reengage the audience with the Las Almas’ story, highlighting the brand in an updated lens. We set an every-other-day posting schedule with stories varying daily and every other day. 

Additionally, we would put in place an engagement strategy to warm up the account. This included engaging with accounts the brand was following and accounts that simply fit target personas for the restaurant. Engagement includes likes, comments, story engagements, saves, and follows.

Engagement was done before and after post times to boost the post in the algorithm. REMEMBER, Instagram is a social app… you have to be engaging for others to engage with you. 

This strategic approach tailored to Las Almas Rotas performed strongly in engagement metrics:

  • Accounts Reach +37%
  • Accounts engaged +79%
  • Followers engaged was +78%
  • Non-Followers engaged + 45.7%
  • Content interactions + 113%
  • Business Address taps + 96%

Targeted social media approaches work wonders for local Dallas restaurants. These restaurants aim to be hubs for the community and digitally, social media is the way for this to carry over. 

Las Almas Rotas is a great example of how social media can be used to increase brand awareness and resonance with followers. We measured this specifically through address taps. This metric represents the closest digital movement to an in-person visit. 

Reach out today to learn about how Brand Rich can help your restaurant with social media management. We handle restaurant social media management in Dallas and restaurant social media management in Texas. 

Las Almas Rotas Instagram feed before Brand Rich social media management.
Las Almas Rotas social media feed after 30 days of Brand Rich social media management.

By The Numbers

  • Professional IG dashboard showcasing metrics from Brand Rich social media management.

    Professional Dashboard

    (30 Day Beta Trial)

  • Professional dashboard showing accounts reached using Brand Rich social media service.

    Accounts Reached

    (30 Day Beta Trial)

  • Instagram dashboard showing accounts engaged using Brand Rich social media management.

    Accounts Engaged

    (30 Day Beta Trial)

  • Instagram dashboard showing content interactions using Brand Rich social media management.

    Content Interactions

    (30 Day Beta Trial)

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Las Almas Rotas social media content shoot highlighting Fortaleza tequila.

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