Filthy Mouth

Filthy Mouth is set to redefine the Washington state wine scene with its vibrant and accessible approach aimed specifically at captivating Gen-Z consumers. Filthy Mouth differentiates itself by filling a crucial whitespace, promising to draw in a youthful demographic with its engaging and relatable brand presence.

Logo work created for Filthy Mouth wines.

Brand Rich developed comprehensive branding guidelines that ensure consistency and clarity as Filthy Mouth makes its market debut. Our efforts included establishing a resonant brand voice, crafting a striking visual identity, and providing guidlines to implement these elements across all platforms.

Brand Strategy:

  • Gen-Z Focus: Emphasized fun, accessibility, and social media savviness to resonate with younger wine enthusiasts.
  • Visual Identity: Created a vibrant visual identity to differentiate Filthy Mouth from traditional wine brands.
  • Brand Voice: Established an engaging and relatable brand voice that speaks to Gen-Z consumers.

Filthy Mouth is uniquely positioned to leverage its innovative branding to attract younger visitors. The founders recognized an untapped opportunity to engage Gen-Z, a demographic largely overlooked by local competitors. We completed the project with an actionable set of guidelines that will guide Filthy Mouth as it launches into the market. This strategic foundation is designed to foster recognition and drive impactful results.

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Social media graphics created for Filthy Mouth wine targeting Gen-Z.

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