A Concept Space Where Creativity and Connectivity Collide.

Step into IRL
The Intersection of Art, Lifestyle, and Content

Located in vibrant downtown Dallas, IRL is not just a space; it's a dynamic collaboration where art, design, and creativity converge to inspire and innovate. 

Through our collaborations with top-tier art galleries and leading design houses, we curate an ever-evolving showcase that not only displays but brings art and design to life.

For creators, IRL offers an unparalleled canvas. Photographers and videographers find within our walls the perfect marriage of light and space, capturing content that transcends the ordinary.

IRL liberates artists’ work, creating a dialogue with viewers, both in-person and online, enhancing visibility and interaction through rich content.

For brands, IRL is a transformational concept. The condo gallery serves as a real-life context that enriches product narratives, providing a canvas that adds depth to digital storytelling and fosters collaborative opportunities that ripple through the creative and commercial communities.

Logo of Staub kitchen ware, a Brand Rich IRL concept partner.
Logo of Markowicz fine art Dallas, a Brand Rich IRL partner.
Logo of Breville, a Brand Rich IRL partner.
Inside lighting of Brand Rich IRL concept space showcasing Nelson saucer pendant.
Inside Brand Rich IRL concept showing Sarah Ellison sofa with a vintage book on it.
woman walking past clay pot inside Brand Rich IRL concept.

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